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Sept. 22, 2006, 10:38PM
Residents beat man accused of showing porn

Associated Press

DALLAS — About a dozen residents of a Dallas neighborhood beat a man after reports that he had been showing pornographic pictures to children on a playground, police said.

Brandon Scott Burke, 20, showed up Wednesday at an Oak Cliff apartment complex and was alleged to have shown a magazine with pictures of naked women to some of the children playing there, police said.

When one of the mothers saw him and asked Burke what he was doing, he tried to run and the woman started screaming, said Elizabeth Williams, the mother of another child. According to a police report, Burke said about 15 men “jumped him and hit him repeatedly on the face with their fists.” He suffered minor injuries, police said.

At least four children saw the nude pictures, police said. Burke was arrested on suspicion of harmful display to a minor.


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I just figured out…

… The Iranian and Venezuelan Presidents are a lot like senatorial candidate on the global stage. their greatest strenghts lie in the fact that the are not lifelong politicians (although Hugo Chavez has been in power for quite a while now). They are rabble rousers to the core. so much so, that all they really have to say is that the establishment is wrong. they need enemies in order thrive. can you imagine what would happen if the U.S. said Venezeula and Iran should have a place on the UN Security Council? i bet we would hear nothing from Presidents Chavez and Ahmadinejad for a little while, at least until they found another complaint or enemy.
but the people love them. all three are populus heroes. but can they possibly get “the job” done? Will anyone in the senate take Lamont seriously? and even if they do, can he really do what he says by bashing the opposition? here is a little secret: the opposition doesn’t like to be criticized. they like to hear “that’s a good point, i like the way you think, however it will be easier to sell if we do this…” that’s how Lieberman works. and he is repected too. funny how that works; if you compromise and work WITH your opposition you get more done AND earn respect. perhaps Lamont, Chavez and Ahmadinejad should think about that. as well as our own President. and congress. and most other world leaders…

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I was in Denver Colorado this weekend, and while i was fliping through the newspaper i learned that the 10th PeaceJam was taking place at the same time! 10 Nobel Peace Prize winners in one place talking about peace, Including two of my favorites; Archbishop Desmond Tutu and The Dalai Lama! exciting. i could not attend any of the festivities because our weekend was packed with family events , but i looked forward to seeing what was going to transpire.
The next day (sunday i guess) i checked the paper again and was disapointed to learn that eight out of ten of the Nobel Laureates thought the way to world peace was to disamntle the U.S. government. well, not exactly, but close. One of the delegates, Jody Williams Admirably pointed out a ten year old girl who was fighting poverty in her home country and then stated that this girl was smarter than President bush. come on, that’s ridiculous. this girl may be kinder, more compassionate and perhaps even more virtuous all around but to say she is smarter is just plain dumb. maybe this girl was smarter than Jody Williams.
At least my heroes The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu tried to point out the positive aspects of our society and not to demean and disgrace our President and government. The Archbishop pointed out that we are a very generous people and should work on spreading that ideal while the Dalai Lama said we should be compassionate and friendly, even pointing out that he considered President Bush a close, personal friend despite their disagreements.

of course, peace is all well and good, but is it really the right answer? Time magazine just published an article about Afghan President Hamid Karzai pointing out that he was a compassionate leader who spent much of his days meeting with factions and talking to all types about the problems in Afghanistan. unfortunately, this is not the president Afghanistan needs at the moment. they need a strong leader who will forego consensus to hunt down the taliban and root out the corruption of warlords in the government.
i guess my pint is (if i have one) that it takes all types. we need to promote peace and show us that there may be a better way to deal with problems than violence. but some times there isn’t the time or ability to compromise and we need somepeople who aren’t affraid to get their hands dirty in order to clean things up for the rest of us.

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so i work at a vet clinic. nothing special, i just walk dogs and clean. today i got there at 8 and fed the cats. then i did some laundry. did some other stuff. then around 9 i was in the main hospital and there was one of the other employee’s dogs on the table in bad shape. on the adjacent table there was a cat that was fading fast. both animals were named Calvin. both pets died. then a golden retriever came in whose leg broke do to cancer. he had to be put down. all in all a fairly depressing day.
driving home i just wanted to ask … well, everyone, why we have to day. but of course that’s the wrong question. because even if there is a God we still wouldn’t know. so we are stuck with the fact that we do die. and so does everything we know. so i guess the question is what do we do with our lives? and what about pets, is that a good life or should they be wild?

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September 11th

last night my mother pointed out that five years ago today my father was on a runway waiting to go to New York. and that my brother was diverted to Philadelphia. no mention was made of the greater event that happened fiver years ago today. perhaps that is how she has to deal with that day, by focusing on small personal inconveniences rather than the larger catastrophe and devestation. and that is not the only way we deal. we are constatnly trying to find some sort of meaning in September 11th. we call it a wake up call, or say that those who died were sacrificed so that we all could see… something. unfortunately i can’t agree. September 11, 2001 was not a wake up call. it was an unspeakable tragedy of the highest order. the people who died that day made no sacrifice, they were murdered in an obscene way as the rest of the world was forced to look on and able to do nothing. i almost think it would be better if no good did come out of September 11th, if there was no attempt at liberation of Afghanistan or Iraq or no global cooperation in finding terrorists or even an american awarness of the problems of the mid east andthe rest of the world. if no good came from the event perhaps we could see that day for the horrorible tragedy that it was and resist or frail human way of trying to rationalize such death and destruction.

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I have a secret

Is it wrong to try to make yourself more attractive to a dog? I work at a vet clinic and I walk dogs all day and sometimes, with some of the dogs, I want to be a little more attractive. I mean it’s not like I want to keep the dog or anything, but if the dog is nice maybe I’ll show it a little more leg, ya know ‘cuz I’ve been working out. And yes, I have been working out for the dogs. I want them to know that I am a good worker an provider. I also try to feed my favorites and give them extra treats. sometimes I even carry dog food in my pockets. But that’s perfectly normal right?

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What is a persons value? How is it measured, determined or quantified? Is it a constant? Is my value the same as anyone elses? Am I just as valuable Jesus, Budha or Mohamed? What about Hitler Stalin or Attila? Is value even a constant? Can it change over time? Is it measured by how much you contribute to society? Is it determined by how many people you help? How about how many people you don’t harm? Do concepts of good and evil, right or wrong even apply to a persons value at all? Does a person have a value at all?

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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Well, to start here is an essay I found interesting from the latest Time Magazine

When i was in a little boy i had a violent temper. i would lash out at the drop of the hat. Then one day i kicked an ottoman at my best friends head. It ended up spliting his ear.
From that point on i stopped being angry. Or rather i repressed all my anger. i stopped feeling it and acknowledging it. Anger was the enemy and i hated it. No descent person needs anger.
The problem with this is that you do need anger. anger is the fuel for ambition, drive and motivation. Without anger i became literlly passive aggressive. Not just snotty and difficult, but whenever a problem arose and i was confronted i would shut down and draw into myself. i never challenged anything and drifted along dying every day.
At least that is what my therapist says. it makes sense, but it doesn’t feel right. after years of running from anger it is impossible for me to see it as anything that can be good. in fact, it is impossible for me to even really see anger. what is anger? why do we need it? how do we use it?

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so i saw x-3: the last stand on sunday. i would have watched it friday or thursday at midnight but my girlfriend is stage managing a show and need to “sleep”. whatever. anyway, i thought i would put my two cents in on the movie.
i liked it. it wasn’t great, but it was fun and exciting and a fan boys wet dream. i mean the first two scenes were amazing. of course they were both flashbacks and didnt’t really work back to back. and the danger room was awesome. but some things didn’t make sense. like take Warren Wirrthington III going in to his dads office to be “cured” and then not wanting to be cured. did he not actually talk to his dad about it? what part of the big scary needle made him suddenly realize “hey, wings are cool”?
and how old was kitty? why would Rouge think there was anything between Bobby and her? that is gross pedophillianess.
next, if you are going to have a bunch of mutants wanting a cure, make ’em freaks! the people standing in line should have had huge fuck off horns growing out of their stomachs or something. same goes for the brotherhood. these guys should have been the outcasts and dregs of society. they should have had a real reason to be pissed off.
the final battle was anticlimactic for the same reason that cool mutant powers weren’t really used. there weren’t enough plasma bursts or flying mutants or things like that. and the first ending was a little to happy seeing as everyone is dead. and what is with the setting up for a sequel? we all know it isn’t going to happen.
i liked the story, it was strong and their were tons of little things that i recognized that made me squeal. overall it would have been a great first installment in a series. the tone of the movie established the world and had fun with the characters, then you bring in singer and he can get all artsy and personal.
oh, and the scene after the credits made me leave a stain in my chair.

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Don’t you understand?
You are nothing
Compared to her
You are a candle
She the sun
You lit my way
Provided some heat
In the night
But I would not give up the day
And like a candle
You were not unique
I could have picked
One of a dozen candles
In my sky there is no light
No others star
Illuminating as the sun

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