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God bless the internet. where any one with a computer and a few extra minutes can voice any opinion they want within and well beyond the realm of reason. ideas can be spread like seeds through the atmosphere of cyberspace where they may eventually take root in the mainframe of another user, blossom, and reseed.
but is comunication at the drop of a hat really benificial for humanity? are we ready for the mass delugue of media that is instantaneously accesible? we can barely make good use of 24 hour news. it has to be filtered down to barely pertinent information directed towards a particular bias.
of course the medium is not the problem here. it is the people. not that it is their fault per se. we just haven’t caught up with ourselves so to speak. our brains can not deal with the speed of life that our creativity and ingenuity has created. we are cavemen with rocketships. we will be burned. ussualy by flamers and trolls who have one good opinion that they are going to stick with… but i digress.
the point is beware the glowing boxes of modernity. the tv, computer, ipod and whatever else can be tools to connect. unfortunately they also provide anonymity and a way to comunicate with out leaving a room which is obviously divisive. the anonymity especially seems to have created a breed of internet junkies who take no prisoners and spread messages of hate, ignorance and wrath. something we do not need more of. please, use the internet responsibly.
thanks and God bless.


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