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10 and a half years. that’s how long it seems it has taken us to even attempt to deal with one of this generations worst attrocities. 10 and a half years ago Rawanda was torn apart by civil war and that was used as an excuse to try to decimate a group of people. then, many nations did little or nothing to intervene or even acknowlege. now we hear about it in comparison to the renewed mass killings and conflagrations of hate in the Sudan. though even this media attention was not as heavy as it should be given the weight of the subject matter. there is hope though. there is a very good movie that wrenches at the heart which shows heroism in the Rawandan massacre. i also hear that there is a video game based on the events with the player as the UN comander trying to avert violence. it proably will not be too popular but at least it is trying. it is trying to reach a world that may forget such horrors because we can not fathom them.
and yet there was another genocide even longer ago that we can never forget. in fact many swore “never again”. perhaps that meant only never again to the Jewish people. or maybe it meant never again amongst civilized nations. but it does not seem to be true for … it is difficult to even say it, but it does not seem that the pledge of never again holds true when it comes to helping black Africans. i don’t want to believe it but it does seem to be starring me in the face. trouble in the balkans? send a millitary force. trouble in Rawanda? pull back and leave them to kill themselves.
we in the “west” spend too much time wrrying about … well, everything else but we miss the large scale holocaust of innocent people under our noses. it does not matter that it is not a threat to us. it is a threat to our humanity, the feelings and ideals that make us human, if we let genocide happen. it weakens us every day that we do nothing. it is not a enemy physically attacking us; it is the internal enemy of apathy eating our souls away as we enjoy our luxuries.
i do not profess to be an expert on theses subjects. i only know what i hear and read in the news (which i have pointed out is sparse). these are my feelings and opinions on the subject typed as i think them. i don’t mean any offense or disrespect, only to open dialouge and raise questions.


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