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as you may have noticed, i do not really like capital letters. i think they are a bit of a waste of time. no reason to have two features to distinguish the end and begining of a new sentence. a period is enough for me. i will use capitals for important people and proper nouns generally because of the respect that is owed them. next, paragraphing is not high on my list of priorities. if i feel a thought justifies a paragraph, or if it looks good to seperate something i will do it. other than that i am willing to have one big blob of text if necessary. proofreading is also not a priority. i am speaking my mind in an information age. this is a stream of thought process like a point of view in a conversation. pretend my misspellings are just mispronunciations or coughs during the speech. finally (and coinciding with the speech analogy) i use punctuation in a loose fashion to try a simulate my vocal patterns. i may throw in a coma where a i take a beat, or misuse colons and semi colons. i also frequently seperate thoughts with elipipsis or dashes. so i may not be an english teacher but i hope you will not hold that against me when reading these words.


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