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inaguration day

well, here it is. the inaguration of the second term of president bush. it seems strange to me that we have to re-inagurate a man who is already in office. oh well, another excuse to throw a party, make a speech and anger half the population of the United States. where i sit on the fence of U.S. politics (like most people) is in the middle. do i like George W. Bush? no. i think his simple way of looking at the world is dangerous in times of complex situations. do i hate him? no i don’t. i donm’t even know him. with the inaguration happening i look back on the election and wonder “would John Kerry have been a better president?” i really don’t know. but i don’t think so. if we look at the campaign, Kerry never took a real stand on anything. he never gave an honest opinion that someone could disagree with. but the problem was no one could agree with him either. Bush is admired by some for his ability to say things plainly and simply. (see above for my thoughts on that.)
but now, the man is our president. some may argue that the system doesn’t work and that he is a crook. but it is the same system that has elected democrats too. don’t fight the man if votes aren’t counted; change the way they are counted. we have to work together, not as democrats and republicans but as citizens to make the country better. don’t like the president? fine. that’s your problem. don’t like his policies? then do everything in your power to change them. and not just griping or protesting. actual, palpable action that can be reponded to by another human being. write a letter to congress or discuss it with an influential friend. democracy does not start and stop at the ballot but is an active intrest in the state of whatever you are a citizen of: city, county, state, nation, world.
i love my country. i think democracy is the best form of government we have right now. unfortunately, most of us (including the ones in office) have forgotten that it is a growing, changing entity. we don’t have to stay in one place forever. and individuals can move the nation.


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