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the coin of opinion

as human beings, we love to argue. i would say that we only have opinions so that we can argue them. how many peole do you know that seem to come into a room with a stupid opinion about something and then proceed to shove it in you face in order to elict the response of argument. well, maybe not too many, but i bet there is at least one person who you’ve come across that has tried this on occasion. perhaps you have tried it once or twice as well. i know i have. or purposefully picked a point of view that will cause the most people to stand up and tell you how wrong you are.
everyone has opinions and loves to express them in the least efficent way possible; arguing. and not in the ancient greek, rhtorical sense of the word. not that that way is much better. sure, there is more listening, but it is still two different sides of an issue.
Like flipping a coin, we are only able to keep one side of an argument in our minds at a time. when the heads side is up, we are able to deftly argue every facet of the face we see. we remeber the eagle on the back, and we understand that it has some merit, but we cannot see it; we cannot fuly understand it. we can easily flip the coin over and now understand the tail side of the coin, but we have a lessened recollection of the head.
this of course begs the question of why. why is it that we cannot see two things at once? are our minds weak? is it another case of our modern world being to complex for what we humans are at this stage in development? or perhaps the problem is a societal fault in another direction. perhaps we value having an opinion and argument over the actual purpose of opinions and arguments. if your opinion is too firmly held to be persuaded then you have already lost the argument. we all need to open our eyes to the other side of things, because in my limited experience everybody’s wrong and everybody’s right.


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