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today, the people of Lebanon convinced their government that it was no longert what they wanted. the situation is a little more complicated than that, but it is nice to see it that way. the people of Lebanon gathered and cried out against injustice. the more amazing thing is that this is not the first time that it has happened recently. in Ukraine, the people spoke out against an unfair election and they were heard. and for the first time, the people of Iraq were able to officially be heard in a national electon, the first in a small step towards a real democracy.
of course, in each case the people were facilitated by government officials or powerful allies that could help the people. many people are striving towards freedom in smaller ways because they do not have such friends. and each situation also brings repercussions. Ukraine weakend its ties with Russia, Lebanon lost a government and an economy, and Iraq is still occupied by an outside force which leads it closer to civil war.
but each step is a hopeful step towards a world in which all people are free. hokey as it sounds, isn’t that what we all want, deep down inside? the freedom to choose how we live our lives. any day when people stand and declare their freedom, it is a good day.


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