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when i was in middle school, in social studies class, there was a day where we were talking about the dome of the rock and it’s importance to the three Abrahamic faiths. i asked how all of these people knew that this sight was holy. i was looking for a historical text, or a pasage in a relegious volume or something to justify this knowledge. my teacher looked at me and asked how i knew the sun was going to rise tomorrow. i told him that the earth revolves around the sun and it spins on its axis and such. he said yes, but how do you know that it will rise tomorrow. i responded because it has every other day, because i believe it will. he said ther is your answer.
i often come back to this moment in my life. for some reason, exchange really struck me. it may have been the first momnet i really knew what belief was. i began to realize that it was more than just knowing a fact. it was a spiritual experience. it is knowing something in your very being. from that day on i began to belive things. i began to belive in god and life and humanity. i began to believe True Things. or at least that there were true things. what those are i am unsure of, but i think i started looking for them that day in social studies class.


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