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To me, there is nothing more relaxing than smoking a cigar. I am the type of person that t runs out of patience very quickly, and I need to be constantly entertained. When I surf the internet I also watch TV, when I watch TV I occasionally want to turn the radio on just to keep things interesting. For some reason I like to be bombard from all sides. But when I light up a cigar and take a puff, I immediately relax. The world begins to melt a way and all I need is that one stick of tobacco. It’s not like I am particularly interested in the cigar itself. Being a college student I cannot afford particularly good cigars. I buy cheap lots of the internet. Of course, my first introduction to the cigar was a very nice Cuban that my friend brought back from Russia. That is what got me interested. I still remember that night. It was winter here in Oregon and we actually had some snow on the ground. We get snow every year it seems, but Oregonians forget and act like it never happens and so never prepare, but I digress. My friend had just returned from a semester in Russia, and all night he had talked about the cigars he had smoked there and the alcohol he had consumed. Finally, he brought me out on his porch/deck and we began to smoke. He showed me what to do, biting the end off because we did not have cutters. It took us several attempts to light with matches because of the slight breeze. As I took my first puffs I inhaled to deeply (which I still do) and coughed. However, on my second puff I began to taste the fine flavor and feel the rich aroma in my naval cavity. We sat chatting and smoking and staring into the thin white blanket that covered the earth. My friend’s cigar finally went out from the piss poor job we did lighting them, and I, out of a desire to go inside and solidarity, put mine out as well by throwing it into the snow. I think of what a waste it was now but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. Since then I have tried the cheap cigars you buy at the grocery store, which was ludicrous and various other cheap value packs I have found. Though none of them taste as good as the Cuban, they all bring a sense of calm to me. I rarely have the patience to smoke a whole cigar, often having to force myself to finish half way through or giving up and saving the rest for later, but I still enjoy it on an almost ritualistic level. It gives me a moment to exit the world. I can pause and breathe and think. I usually just look out and see the world. It is a moment of rest for which I am very grateful. And perhaps someday I will even find a cigar I like.


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