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Have you ever thought about how we react to crises? We see on the news that there has been a natural disaster, and immediately we make a call to the Red Cross or try to find some way to help people who are in need. We do a tremendous job of sending money. For the tsunami, the people of the united states sent nearly $400 Million. For our own crisis the money and assistance keeps pouring in from all over the globe. My question is where is this money during our other crises? In this country there are maybe 3-5 million homeless people annually. Like those in the gulf coast, they have no where to go. They lost their homes too. Perhaps some might say that the tsunami was no ones fault. People had a tragic event enter their lives and take all they had. The same could be said for many homeless. One day they are working, the next they are laid off because their job has gone overseas. They are not trained to do anything else and other opportunities are hard to find. Slowly they watch as all they have is gone. Or perhaps they have just come back from fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan and they have lost a limb or are emotionally scared. Unable to work and with not enough assistance from the government they too end up on the street.
People need help. Not handouts, but help. There are many organizations all over that try to do more than just give people a hot meal and a bed. Organizations now try to provide training so homeless men and women can find jobs and be a part of society. This is perhaps where we have failed the homeless the most; we do not even see them anymore. It is one thing to not drop change in a panhandler’s cup, but to walk by and not even look at them degrades these people to a status of animals. Is it any wonder they have a hard time climbing out of poverty when many of them feel less than human?
Americans and people all over the world have proven that they have a great capacity for giving. It is good that we open our pockets in times of need, but we must recognize the other needs around us every day.


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