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The sky is red
(sunset refracting of a heaven filled with cloud)
A rainbow stands out against the sanguine background
A lighting bolt cascades down the picture
(I do not here thunder over my iPod. I pull out the buds. I put them back because I cannot resist the song. The sound is not important)
Everything is tinted red
Save the glowing yellow of street lamps
(house lights)
And house lights
The music stops
I hear the thunder
It is not close
A strip of dusk
Stretches across the horizon of the landscape
(I am separated from the image. It is not happening to me I am watching it.)
Each event is a portrait
The light is growing dim
The unseen sun is dipping into the sea
(heading around the world to places I have not been)
Soon only random bolts will light this scene


September 13, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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