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California Legislature Approves Gay Marriage

so last tuesday the california legislature approved a bill legalizing same sex marriage in their state. durring this sophisticated meeting of the minds, Republican Dennis Mountjoy said “It’s not about civil rights or personal rights, it’s about acceptance. They want to be accepted as normal. They are not normal.”
now i am just assuming that Assemblyman Mountjoy is a christian, and this reminded me of the part in the Bible where Jesus came up to a group of men about to stone a woman and said “let’s get that bitch.” (king james of course)
or the other part where there was a tax collector trying to see him and he pointed him out and said “salvation to the first one that lynches him!”
OOO! or the time that he was about to be arrested for blasphemy and all of his disciples were like you should go along quietly and he said unto them “pussies! let’s gut those bastards!” so saieth the lord.
but it did honestly remind me of the fact that god alone can judge us and our actions. perhaps homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of god. if this is true than i will gladly accept eternal punishment for thinking otherwise. but i’m guessing i would also see all of those who preached hate and intolerance. that is not what god is about. not in the new testament anyway. most of the second half of the bible is about love and acceptance and forgiveness. and the parts that aren’t ar about GOD punishing and not us. we do not have that power. we cannot make judgments on a moral basis in this way. we can arrest people who are threatening others and make laws to protect people, but we have no right what so ever legislating whether someone can live the way they want in their own home with no harm to anyone else. we have the right by the laws of man to damn ourselves if we so choose. especially if it is somenone else who thinks we are damned. i think god has my back on this one. right?


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