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I find the slogan what would Jesus do to be a bit of the mark. While Jesus (biblically speaking) was a superb human being and an ideal to be compared to, there is another aspect of him that is forgotten when reciting that question. Jesus was human and divine at the same time; completely both as some religions would say. If so than we cannot do what Jesus did because it would be blasphemy. Not in the sense that the miracles are impossible for normal people, but because of the principle behind some of his actions. Jesus was free to do what he liked because he knew he was right and that his actions followed the divine revelations and plans of God. We do not have that knowledge in our daily lives. We cannot look at someone and know all the reasons for their actions and then plot our course of actions to respond justly and mercifully. In short we cannot judge others as Jesus did occasionally in the accounts of his life on earth. Our task is harder and involves using the principles set forth to us by Jesus to treat others with love.
Because Jesus and God our one he is both Son and Parent. And what child has not been exposed to the concept of do as I say no as I do. God may judge and punish and condemn because of the power of being the creator and knowing the rules that our infantile selves cannot grasp. It is not appropriate for us to tear down the temple because we do not in a larger sense know why we do it. We must obey the rules of our Divine Parent and not seek to have that authority.
What would Jesus do is not an appropriate aphorism and that, along with the silliness and easy mockability of the phrase has seen it slowly flee from public attention. But if there are people still subscribing to this philosophy, it should be pointed out the fallacy of it. One cannot be like a divine being. That is too easy and ideas like religion seldom are. A life more devoted to Goodness and Virtue would be more appropriate to the life Journey that is Christianity than something that can easily be written on a bumper sticker.


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