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Judge John Roberts

i think that judge Roberts will be a fine Supreme Court Justice. we seem to be looking a great deal at his career, which is fine, but it is obvous that that will not help necesarily because Roberts bwhaved diferently in each job. i have not been following the hearings that closely, but what i have gleaned from the hearings and read in sumaries that he can change his position depending on who is paying his check. now this could be a criticism, but that is what the supreme court is, or at lest should be. the Justices are supposed to look at the arguments and compare thaem with the existing laws of the land. in theory politics shouldn’t play into it at all. but of course we are a crafty species and we have found ways to spread political partisanship to every aspect of our lives. (i won’t buy meat from the republican deli, but that is a personal choice.) basically it is imposible for us to predict what kind of Justice Roberts would be because he hasn’t been a Justice yet. but he will be soon. the most i can say is that he sounds like a good man, and any questionable legal descions or memo i am willing to write off as saying he was doing his job. i could be wrong.
the more serious question is whether he should be Chief Justice. quite frankly i don’t think he’s old enough. he is not experienced enough, not in the legal field, but in life. now Roberts says he doesn’t judge cases on life experience but on legal merits and i completly understand and respect that veiw. but he needs to lead the court. much like my above statment for support i have no real proof that he cannot lead the court well, but it could be difficult. once again we will see.
of course who else would bush pick? no one else could carry the court either. of course their is no real reason to debate any of this. Roberts will be confirmed and we won’t have to worry about it. everything will go smoothly. right?


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