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Sigma 6 snake eyes action figure

so i was surfing the internet and i found a review for a new g.i. joe action figure. i love action figures, and g.i. joe was pretty cool when i was a kid, plus it was one of my favorite characters so i ran out to toys r us and snagged one. i am now the proud owner of the Sigma 6 Snake eyes 8″ commando action figure.
let’s start at the beginning. the packaging of this figure is awesome the top and bottom are hard plastic which form a weapons locker after you rip the figure out of the rest of the sheath. the figure and accessories are clearly visible and the back has one of those cool profiles written like you were actually on the team, seeing his personal file. so once we get past all that, we get to trying to tear the figure from the backing board. that was impossible. i think that toy companies are purposely trying to make these things more difficult. no longer are there one thousand twist ties locking the figure in a position that it is already held in because of the form fitting plastic. well hasboro out did themselves and instead of twist ties they used those little clear rubber bands that you can’t see and are impossible to undo. i used scissors but i’m sure someone would try to undo all of them by hand and save them.
after about twenty minutes i finally have my figure and all of his weapons. it took me another minute to assemble the weapons locker because i couldn’t find the pieces. (they are hidden in the bottom under a plastic insert. tricky.) now i go to play with him. he has a lot of cool weapons, and some of them have little pegs which insert into holes on his body. he also has a real harness and strap on knife sheath. that is thinking. of course not all of the weapons attach to his body and you cannot crisscross the swords across his back so there is little reason to have two. also the weapons don’t stay in if you want to move the figure
this brings me to my next point; the figure is impossible to pose. tight joints are could to a degree because the figure won’t flop about, but these joints are so tight i can’t put the figure into a really cool pose to fight cobra. i have been working it for a little wile now and they still are not loosening.
but the figure looks pretty cool. the costume design is good and appropriate for the character and the team theme. he comes with three mask options which are pretty cool. the holes that allow for weapon attachment don’t stick out horribly but there are a bunch in places that i don’t understand. he also has a little flip top computer on his forearm which makes me giggle like a little girl. the body design is very lean because i hear the cartoon it is based on is anime inspired or something. because of this the joints are very bulbous and obvious but i don’t think it detracts from the figure. someone else may see it otherwise.
overall, good figure but if you want a really flexible toy and hate anime, it is not for you.


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