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i was listening to the BBC world service the other day and i heard a report about how the town of Mostar in Bosnia is erecting a statue of a hero in which all of the different ethnic groups can rally behind. the statue is not to anyone who lives in the area. it is not of a Serb or Croat. it is not a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew. the statue they are building is a monument to Bruce Lee. that is not entirely true, the statue is really of justice and what Bruce Lee can represent. listening to one of the leaders of the movement talk about why they they chose Bruce Lee i began to be inspired. this is a world of people who have known war and hate and despair in every aspect of their lives. their lives are struggles that i cannot comprehend. and yet each one of these people can relate to a kung fu star for various reasons. some may admire his scrappy size and yet the power he held in his miniscule frame. others may admire what he does with his power by always fighting the good fight. their is his tenacity, his skill, his attitude, or just the fact that he was amazingly skilled at what he did. there is definitely plenty to admire.
the spokesperson also raised the point of why it couldn’t be anyone from the area. anyone who is from Bosnia because they have too much history. two wars worth of history to be exact. with any national patriot there is always the question of what they were doing during World War II or during their war. a statue of Bruce Lee comes without that history. this statue can be a clean slate on which to build the future. it can be what we all long for: an ideal. Bruce Lee can be the hero they never had, transcending religion and regional affiliation and bringing hope.
someone cynical may criticize this statue because Mr. Lee was not a real hero, but just a film star and that he has no reason being in Bosnia because he is an american/Hong Kong export. but isn’t about time that something we put out there actually inspired someone? and if this statue can inspire one person to seek peace and justice in a war torn country we should all be proud. i’m sure Mr. Lee would be.


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