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Talking leads to arguing
Leads to anger and bile and hate
No two opinions strike the same cord
Life’s symphony of thoughts
Heard as cacophony by untrained ears
People who do not listen to music
Only make it
Throw it out like garbage
No matter how hard they try
Their garbage is still useful
Treasures lie in it that even the most adept among us cannot see or use
Though the blind often have sight
The fool shows wisdom when hearing what they need
Creating a juggernaut of witticism that strides
Forward and infects others
Simple yet direct
Like a call to action
A bell ringing for salvation
Or mourning the loss of innocence
As the action spreads forward
Marching like an army
Lightning strikes of insanity
Created by ions of misused refuse
Causing counter strikes of those who would not listen
Or understand the use of the tossed aside
When it first crossed their path
Artists are garbage men
Specializing in waste management of the soul
Throwing out garbage to landfills
Areas of Jungian psyche that never fill
They are just sifted
Telepathically sorted by younger generations
With new equipment
Faster processors
As the heap grows
So does or soul
It bursts out
And we try to deaden it
With newer faster harder


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