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How wonderful it is that I live in a country that put into place the means to destroy itself. Our Bill of Rights specifically laid the groundwork for revolution to take place if enough of the people deemed it necessary. Of course the people who wrote and amended the constitution planed it this way because they just had to fight tooth and nail to do the same thing. They wanted to make sure it would be easier the next time because they didn’t trust governments or people in power, not even themselves.
Over the years, we have also added easier ways than revolution to our arsenal of political change. We have elections quite frequently for a great number of positions large and small. But we have forgotten the price we had to pay for that ability, that freedom. We trust our government too easily and do not use the power we have. We have ignored the fact that they are our government, made by us, the people, and they answer to our whims. We give them power, not the other way around.
Fairly recently, half way around the world a number of countries voted for representation in their governments in ways they never had before. Their votes meant much less for those people as individuals, and in a couple of cases they were hollow gestures rather than actual political reform. But more of those people voted percentage wise than have voted here in years (on the national level). They have had to fight for this. Perhaps we are spreading the example of democracy to countries that have not experienced it before, but we must learn from them that every vote is important and necessary. Every vote is a sacred duty we have to ourselves and our nation that many have given their lives for. That may sound overly dramatic. It is not.


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