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Sometimes I think people are too stupid for freedom. The human desire engine is constantly craving things that it should not have. We drive monstrous cars that are unnecessary and dangerous; both to ourselves and the environment. Businesses strive to sell inferior products for the most money while paying workers the least. Some might think that this does not make people stupid, but it does.
We as human beings are too concerned with the short term and not even considerate of long term affects of our choices. To be fair, I don’t blame people for this. Not entirely. We have developed knowledge and technology much faster than our physical minds and bodies can keep up. We have exponentially increased our knowledge and rate of travel. What used to take us months or years to do buy paper and ship takes us hours and minutes by airplane and internet. With our increased “efficiency” we have increased our detriments as well. We have higher instances of mental illness because we cannot process the speed or number of incoming messages. We have created more death with larger weapons. We have the power of the gods but the bodies of insects. We are fragile. We build and learn to try and forget that fact, but it is inescapable: We are fragile.
It is time for us to remember our fragility; to embrace it. Imagine what it would be like if a world leader, in the middle of a press conference, looked straight into the camera and said “I’m afraid”. Imagine someone in a position of power admitting that there are real problems in the world and they do not know how to solve them all. Imagine that leader turning to his neighbors or his enemies and asking them for help.
This is what it takes. This is the world we live in know. Our problems are not confined by old world borders. What happens in your country affects directly what happens in mine. We can no longer plead ignorance to war and poverty and famine. One nation cannot stand idly by as a government rapes and kills those in its borders. We have the knowledge and the ability and the morality to know that those people are us. We can look them in the eye from thousands of miles and we have no good reason to deny that they deserve better. And we have the knowledge and ability and morality to make that happen as well.


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