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The Value of Fame

i want to be rich and famous. it is not that fame and wealth are paticularly appealing to me. who needs people constantly wondering where you’re at and who you’re with? fame is ridiculous in our culture. and its not because we keep track of celebrities at all times. that is just a byproduct of the information age and the speed at which our technology flies. fame is ridiculous because of who we idolatrize. we make giants out of people who don’t do anything. literally. like paris hilton. why don’t we respect diplomats and statesman. why not school teachers or firefighters. we should cheer every time a teacher walks town the street. hell, there should be a ticker tape parade! but i digress. the reason i want to be famous is because then vampires won’t attack me. seriously. think about it, if you were a vampire who would you attack; someone rich and powerful and well known or someone living on the street in obscurity? you know it would be the latter. it would be easier to get to the person for statrers, and vampires seem to thrive on anonymity. have you ever heard of a real vampire attack? probably not. so, bring on the money. bring on the photographers. it’s a small price to pay to keep the vampires away.


November 27, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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