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So I didn’t really get into myspace or friendster (until recently) but i was on the online friend scheme. Being the original guy I am, I latched on to a site my friend sent me called Catch27. On the old Catch you start by creating a trading card (this appealed to the comic geek in me) telling about your deepest darkest (or lightest) self. Then you invite your friends and try to collect as many cards as you can. The actual game is based on trying to “catch 27” cards of a particular theme and then you submit them to the all powerful “prizegiver” and win various prizes appropriate to your pack of cards. The game has been going for a while so it is crucial to be original. you can also get cards by buying them directly or buying a random pack. trading cards is best way to meet people and gain the cards you want.
Since I have no money, no friends and (most importantly) no money I quickly gave up on trying to actually catch 27. Lucky for me there is a great blogging feature. The blogging is great because it is a bunch of people hanging out and trying to win friends which inceases price which is equated with prestige. so everyone blogs about what is near and dear to them. some are funny, some are profound, some are totally random. Of course, some are the typical “my day of high school sucked cuz timmy likes sharon” but you can gloss right over them, or read them for hours if that is what you like.
So this is my unsolicited advert for Catch27. stop by, check it out and if you want to join my wicked awesome pack, click here


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