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So I got Time magazine today, and while reading through it I actually found myself reading the article on the genocide in Darfur. This is not to say that I have not been aware of the situation. I remember the first disturbing article I read at least a year ago (if not longer). But I find that it is too much. The war in Iraq, Genocide in Darfur, countless other war’s and conflicts that one does not remember or keep track of. Then there are the “smaller” travesties of poverty, health care, immigration, discrimination, and other basic, inalieanable human rights that seem to be alienated. It’s too much. I tell myself that I know there is a problem and I don’t need to read anymore about. And since I now that we are all bombarded with this information I stopped saying anything. And slowly Is stopped doing anything.
I think we all need to ask ourselves the question “what am I doing to make the world better?” The answer can be anything. maybe you are getting an education, which can enable you to be part of the debate and make better descisions large and small. Maybe you give money to a charity. Maybe you give money to a homless person. Maybe you type a few words on the internet. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you can ask yourself that one question and honestly answer with that inner contentment and pride that you are doing something for more than just yourself. Especialy in this era where technology has made our world smaller and we see our global neighbors on TV everyday. Their problems are more known to us than our actual neighbors. Well, next time you see that report on Darfur on the news or see the headline on Iraq instead of thinking how awful it is, use it as an opportunity to ask the question of what you are doing and how you feel about it. Or not.


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