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lately it seems that my thoughts have been turned to one of the primal, shared expereinces of humanity. this is something that resonates deeply insode all of us. it is something that we can recognize and identify regardless of race or creed or nationality. i am talking about the singular concept of the mix tape.
i remember the first mix tape i made. her name was Lauren Kremers. we had gone to school together since first grade, but in sixth grade i looked up and noticed she was hot. i fell in love totally and completely. i was in a romantic face and i embraced it. every song i heard reminded me of her. what else could i do but tape them from the radio and then organize them on a tap. i was devoted to the process. i againized over every song choice. i timed it out so there was a minimum of leftover space at the end of the tape. and then i gave it to her. to this day i have no idea if she actually listend to it, but something i did worked and we wnet out for a while.
eventually i lost contact with Lauren as we went to different schools. i pinned for a while, and thought of her frequently. efventually i found another love. she is my one and only (i’m prety sure) and so again i heard love in every songs. now added with computers and CD burners my mix tape was a little more professinoal. the same dedication went into it, if not more with the esase of technology. another mix tape was completed. this time i know she listened, and i know she liked it and was amused. in fact she even made me a mix tape which i love. and i made her another, and she made me another,
but love is easy and relationships are hard. in my darkest hours i wasn’t sure if Audra Lee was right and i strayed. i began to get closer with a female freind of mine and as i did i listend to songs about choosing and about lust. this became my personal play list but when i told her about it she wanted to hear. and yet another mix tape was born.
the songs from mix tapes are scattered about my music libraries and the radio. i hear them and they take me back or forward or to the present like all good songs should. some i don’t even listen to because they are about things i don’t feel and people i don’t feel things for.


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