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so i saw x-3: the last stand on sunday. i would have watched it friday or thursday at midnight but my girlfriend is stage managing a show and need to “sleep”. whatever. anyway, i thought i would put my two cents in on the movie.
i liked it. it wasn’t great, but it was fun and exciting and a fan boys wet dream. i mean the first two scenes were amazing. of course they were both flashbacks and didnt’t really work back to back. and the danger room was awesome. but some things didn’t make sense. like take Warren Wirrthington III going in to his dads office to be “cured” and then not wanting to be cured. did he not actually talk to his dad about it? what part of the big scary needle made him suddenly realize “hey, wings are cool”?
and how old was kitty? why would Rouge think there was anything between Bobby and her? that is gross pedophillianess.
next, if you are going to have a bunch of mutants wanting a cure, make ’em freaks! the people standing in line should have had huge fuck off horns growing out of their stomachs or something. same goes for the brotherhood. these guys should have been the outcasts and dregs of society. they should have had a real reason to be pissed off.
the final battle was anticlimactic for the same reason that cool mutant powers weren’t really used. there weren’t enough plasma bursts or flying mutants or things like that. and the first ending was a little to happy seeing as everyone is dead. and what is with the setting up for a sequel? we all know it isn’t going to happen.
i liked the story, it was strong and their were tons of little things that i recognized that made me squeal. overall it would have been a great first installment in a series. the tone of the movie established the world and had fun with the characters, then you bring in singer and he can get all artsy and personal.
oh, and the scene after the credits made me leave a stain in my chair.


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