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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Well, to start here is an essay I found interesting from the latest Time Magazine

When i was in a little boy i had a violent temper. i would lash out at the drop of the hat. Then one day i kicked an ottoman at my best friends head. It ended up spliting his ear.
From that point on i stopped being angry. Or rather i repressed all my anger. i stopped feeling it and acknowledging it. Anger was the enemy and i hated it. No descent person needs anger.
The problem with this is that you do need anger. anger is the fuel for ambition, drive and motivation. Without anger i became literlly passive aggressive. Not just snotty and difficult, but whenever a problem arose and i was confronted i would shut down and draw into myself. i never challenged anything and drifted along dying every day.
At least that is what my therapist says. it makes sense, but it doesn’t feel right. after years of running from anger it is impossible for me to see it as anything that can be good. in fact, it is impossible for me to even really see anger. what is anger? why do we need it? how do we use it?


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