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September 11th

last night my mother pointed out that five years ago today my father was on a runway waiting to go to New York. and that my brother was diverted to Philadelphia. no mention was made of the greater event that happened fiver years ago today. perhaps that is how she has to deal with that day, by focusing on small personal inconveniences rather than the larger catastrophe and devestation. and that is not the only way we deal. we are constatnly trying to find some sort of meaning in September 11th. we call it a wake up call, or say that those who died were sacrificed so that we all could see… something. unfortunately i can’t agree. September 11, 2001 was not a wake up call. it was an unspeakable tragedy of the highest order. the people who died that day made no sacrifice, they were murdered in an obscene way as the rest of the world was forced to look on and able to do nothing. i almost think it would be better if no good did come out of September 11th, if there was no attempt at liberation of Afghanistan or Iraq or no global cooperation in finding terrorists or even an american awarness of the problems of the mid east andthe rest of the world. if no good came from the event perhaps we could see that day for the horrorible tragedy that it was and resist or frail human way of trying to rationalize such death and destruction.


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