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so i work at a vet clinic. nothing special, i just walk dogs and clean. today i got there at 8 and fed the cats. then i did some laundry. did some other stuff. then around 9 i was in the main hospital and there was one of the other employee’s dogs on the table in bad shape. on the adjacent table there was a cat that was fading fast. both animals were named Calvin. both pets died. then a golden retriever came in whose leg broke do to cancer. he had to be put down. all in all a fairly depressing day.
driving home i just wanted to ask … well, everyone, why we have to day. but of course that’s the wrong question. because even if there is a God we still wouldn’t know. so we are stuck with the fact that we do die. and so does everything we know. so i guess the question is what do we do with our lives? and what about pets, is that a good life or should they be wild?


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