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I was in Denver Colorado this weekend, and while i was fliping through the newspaper i learned that the 10th PeaceJam was taking place at the same time! 10 Nobel Peace Prize winners in one place talking about peace, Including two of my favorites; Archbishop Desmond Tutu and The Dalai Lama! exciting. i could not attend any of the festivities because our weekend was packed with family events , but i looked forward to seeing what was going to transpire.
The next day (sunday i guess) i checked the paper again and was disapointed to learn that eight out of ten of the Nobel Laureates thought the way to world peace was to disamntle the U.S. government. well, not exactly, but close. One of the delegates, Jody Williams Admirably pointed out a ten year old girl who was fighting poverty in her home country and then stated that this girl was smarter than President bush. come on, that’s ridiculous. this girl may be kinder, more compassionate and perhaps even more virtuous all around but to say she is smarter is just plain dumb. maybe this girl was smarter than Jody Williams.
At least my heroes The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu tried to point out the positive aspects of our society and not to demean and disgrace our President and government. The Archbishop pointed out that we are a very generous people and should work on spreading that ideal while the Dalai Lama said we should be compassionate and friendly, even pointing out that he considered President Bush a close, personal friend despite their disagreements.

of course, peace is all well and good, but is it really the right answer? Time magazine just published an article about Afghan President Hamid Karzai pointing out that he was a compassionate leader who spent much of his days meeting with factions and talking to all types about the problems in Afghanistan. unfortunately, this is not the president Afghanistan needs at the moment. they need a strong leader who will forego consensus to hunt down the taliban and root out the corruption of warlords in the government.
i guess my pint is (if i have one) that it takes all types. we need to promote peace and show us that there may be a better way to deal with problems than violence. but some times there isn’t the time or ability to compromise and we need somepeople who aren’t affraid to get their hands dirty in order to clean things up for the rest of us.


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