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… The Iranian and Venezuelan Presidents are a lot like senatorial candidate on the global stage. their greatest strenghts lie in the fact that the are not lifelong politicians (although Hugo Chavez has been in power for quite a while now). They are rabble rousers to the core. so much so, that all they really have to say is that the establishment is wrong. they need enemies in order thrive. can you imagine what would happen if the U.S. said Venezeula and Iran should have a place on the UN Security Council? i bet we would hear nothing from Presidents Chavez and Ahmadinejad for a little while, at least until they found another complaint or enemy.
but the people love them. all three are populus heroes. but can they possibly get “the job” done? Will anyone in the senate take Lamont seriously? and even if they do, can he really do what he says by bashing the opposition? here is a little secret: the opposition doesn’t like to be criticized. they like to hear “that’s a good point, i like the way you think, however it will be easier to sell if we do this…” that’s how Lieberman works. and he is repected too. funny how that works; if you compromise and work WITH your opposition you get more done AND earn respect. perhaps Lamont, Chavez and Ahmadinejad should think about that. as well as our own President. and congress. and most other world leaders…


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